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Soul Deep: Depression and Shamanic Healing

Soul Deep: Depression and Shamanic Healing

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
11:54 AM

Soul Deep: Depression and Shamanic Healing

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
11:38 AM

Soul Deep: Depression and Shamanic Healing
Thursday, July 06, 2017
Good morning everyone. Today I will be kicking off the 2nd of the “Soul Deep” series about the shamanic and energy medicine approaches to modern-day mental, emotional and physical health conditions. I will first give the western “medicine” approach to treatment and then possible shamanic solutions. I say “possible” because every single case is unique and there is no one solution or treatment plan, but I will do my best to give a general idea of how shamanic practitioners view and treat the condition. This is my way of bridging the gap and perhaps providing the missing link to healing through ancient traditions that span the globe.

Two days ago I shared my personal story of the tragedies of Western Medicine and how ancient techniques saved my life. If you missed that story, you can find it on my website ( or my business Facebook page Institute Of Indigenous Alchemy. It was about healing “The Pulseless Disease” with shamanism and energy medicine. Today I will talk about Depression.

According to the MERCK MANUAL, “Depressive disorders are characterized by sadness severe enough or persistent enough to interfere with function and often by decreased interest or pleasure in activities. Exact cause is unknown but probably involves heredity, changes in neurotransmitter levels, altered neuroendocrine function, and psychosocial factors. Diagnosis is based on history. Treatment usually consists of drugs, psychotherapy, or both and sometimes electroconvulsive therapy.

Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities for most of the day
Significant (> 5%) weight gain or loss or decreased or increased appetite
Insomnia (often sleep-maintenance insomnia) or hypersomnia
Psychomotor agitation or retardation observed by others (not self-reported)
Fatigue or loss of energy
Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt
Diminished ability to think or concentrate or indecisiveness
Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, a suicide attempt, or a specific plan for committing suicide.” MERCK MANUAL –

To be honest, that sounds like a lot of people I know or have met. This “condition” is experienced by millions throughout the world, whether they are being treated for it or not. Professionals say the cause is unknown and yet western medicine treats it the same for each person even though we are all unique. By “the same” I mean anti-depressant medication. SSRI’s to be exact.

SSRIs are selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Serotonin is a chemical in our brains that make us feel happy. These medications inhibit (aka block) the brain synapses from absorbing (re-uptake) serotonin in the hopes that levels of this chemical will have time to build so that we can feel happier. Essentially, western medicine has determined (for some unknown reason) that people experience depression because of low serotonin levels, but the problem with that theory is that no one ever tests these levels in a depressed person before giving them medication. They only check your liver enzymes periodically to make sure the medications are not causing damage to the liver. Doctors have no idea if your levels of serotonin are low and if this is even the source of your depression. The MERCK manual states that the “cause is unknown.” So why to do they assume it’s a lack of serotonin and treat it as such? Hmm.

Secondly, many people suffer from side effects (aka other imbalances and uncomfortable symptoms) like anxiety, mania, inability to sleep, tremors, nervousness, diarrhea, nausea, memory loss, suicidal ideation, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, headaches, blurred vision, agitation and so on. Could it be that, in such cases, the drugs built up serotonin levels in the blood to the point that people now have too much of it? Instead of checking, doctors either change medications or add others to suppress or depress your symptoms again, to make you more “peaceful,” tired enough to sleep, and to numb your emotions. Some people are even given a new diagnosis based on the symptoms they experience because of the “side effects” and are put on a whole new classification of medications, such as bipolar and anti-psychotic meds.

Aside from creating a whole list of possible imbalances and unpleasant symptoms, these medications are often toxic to the kidneys and liver and they do not fix the problem, which is why you have to take a pill every day to keep the suppression going. Their “benefits” are temporary. Some of these meds (like Paxil) also have horrendous withdrawal symptoms and it’s difficult for people to get off them. Many complain of extreme anxiety, agitation, electric shock symptoms, headaches, vertigo, loss of coordination and even suicidal ideation as withdrawal symptoms. In short, those who take this drug can become addicted to it. This yo yo effect leads people to poor coping mechanisms like overeating, addictions to drugs and alcohol, or other habits to fill this “hole” inside them and make them feel alive or safe.

• From an energy medicine and shamanic viewpoint, everything in existence is made of energy, including our intangible thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. That energy vibrates, or resonates, at a certain frequency that has its own unique characteristics. Some vibrations we vaguely interpret as “good” because they make us feel good. Others we interpret as “bad” because they make us feel uncomfortable or upset. With some vibrations we get more specific in our labeling like emotions. “Good” would become divided up into happiness, love, gratitude etc. Each is good, but distinctly different. “Bad” might be distinguished as anger, hate, sadness, pain, greed, arrogance, selfishness etc.

Certain lower vibrational energies, if not cleared from, or transmuted in, the body can build up over time, much like chemicals (another form of energy) in the blood and organs. When that lower vibrational energy is stuck in a particular spot long enough, it can affect the body in ways that are uncomfortable and disruptive to our natural state of health and well-being, and can even be deadly. In western medicine, we call these manifestations mental, emotional or physical dis-ease. In shamanic traditions, we call them “intrusive energies.”

Energies that lower the vibration or resonance of our personal electromagnetic field can make us experience mood swings, decreased sleep, fatigue, memory loss, agitation, pain, illness, and tension, to name a few. If they lower our energy enough, it can make us feel like there is a hole inside us; that areas of our life are not stuck, not working or blocked. We could feel like we are unsafe or threatened; not good enough; and even so hopeless or helpless in the face of some invisible threat, so that there is no other option but to die. Hmm. Sounds like “depression,” right?
Well, let’s take the label out of this equation for a moment and look at it as low energy, low-vibrational energy, or poor-quality energy. Each person experiences a loss or decrease in their energy in certain ways that are unique to them: Poor-quality relationships, abuse, trauma, neglect, stress, illness, poverty, poor diet, occupational hazard, death of a loved one, and even electromagnetic stimuli or radiation (like wifi, microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, and other devices) that transmit frequencies that disrupt our biorhythms and can cause cellular damage and even death.
Toxins, such as recreational drugs, nicotine, alcohol, chemicals in food, sugar, pesticides, industrial chemicals, house cleaners, and pharmaceuticals, not mention the withdrawals, can cause a sudden crash in your energy.

Sad movies; low vibrational music; hormone imbalances; and lack of sunlight, sleep, water, healthy food, vital nutrients, and other resources can also create disruptions and imbalances that lower our energy and affect multiple levels of our energetic, mental, emotional and cellular/physical bodies. I’m sorry to say it, but a pill isn’t going to make up for any of those things. A pill won’t give you more sun, more money, a better diet, a better job, a better marriage, or help you heal from abuse, trauma, and neglect. Pills deal with suppression of symptoms, not healing the root cause of them.

Let me pause here for a moment. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 20 years, first with developmentally disabled adults in group homes; then for Social Security Disability; and as a medical rehabilitative massage therapist in doctors offices.

DISCLAIMER: By no means am I saying that anyone should stop their medications. For some people, this may be their only option, but I am suggesting that there are other healing modalities that may assist your process and be healthier, more efficient, less disruptive and toxic to the body than the medication. If it (western med) works for you, fantastic. If not, perhaps see an alternative health specialist to look at things from another perspective that brings forth your highest healing good and most fulfilling reality with or without western medication. (In my next article I will share my own profound transformation because of shamanic practices.)

Moving on. The soul is considered the light body, luminous energy field, electromagnetic field, heavenly body etc. From a shamanic point of view, when a person experiences abuse, trauma, illness, neglect or stress, they lose vital essence that may contain a part of their personality, gifts, skills, talents or memory. We call this soul loss. Soul loss is characterized by feelings of worthlessness, sadness, fatigue, memory loss, illness, emptiness, helplessness, hopelessness or lack of appetite, interest, excitement, motivation, purpose, drive, confidence, and gifts. The clearest sign is when someone says that they don’t recognize or feel like themselves anymore. This could be because they lost so much of their own essence that feel empty or because there are intrusive energies in the way of their ability to feel or see themselves.

With each person I work with, whether it is in person or long-distance, I do a journey to look for past and present life wounds; blockages in chakras; any intrusive energies stuck in certain areas and layers of their electromagnetic field; suffering beings (dead or alive) attached to them through cords; curses, limiting beliefs or soul contracts; and wounding imprints that keep them repeating similar wounding events, circumstances and relationships over and over again. I also look for any “gifts” or soul essences that were lost due to abuse, trauma, neglect, illness, stress etc that are willing to return to the client at this time to help them bring forth their highest healing good.

Sometimes I hear people’s own souls as they ramble on about things they don’t want, trust, believe or that they fear, hate, and can’t do. I’m also shown images like movie. Some are literal and others are metaphorical representations of has, or is currently happening, to them. Sometimes a soul part has certain terms and conditions that must be met before it is willing to return to my client (i.e. leave an abusive relationship that makes that part feel unloved and unsafe.)

Because I also practice mediumship, I ask my spirit allies to use my hands to write down any messages or advice. This may include relationships, jobs, health, diet, exercise, how people conduct their lives and so on. Whatever it is that needs to be addressed. Sometimes what I don’t comprehend, or seems totally random to me, means something significant to my client. In most cases, I don’t filter what comes through. I just say or write it exactly as my spirit allies say it, unless I deem that it will not be useful, helpful or even scary to the client. No use in freaking them out if it isn’t necessary. Discretion and discernment is important.

When working with shamanic healing and energy medicine, you are dealing with the upper two layers of perception (energetic and mythical/metaphorical), but they can have profound affects on the lower two states of our being (mental/emotional and physical/literal). As I said before, everything has an energetic component. Things either lower, disrupt, imbalance or raise, align and harmonize your energetic frequency. Sometimes there is a mythic quality to it, meaning that nothing is what it seems. Whatever is happening has hidden or second meaning. Is your condition a life lesson that needs to be learned; karma that needs to be cleared; a wounding imprint or intrusive energy that needs to be cleared; a suffering being seeking the light; or essences that need to be reclaimed? This is the job of the shamanic or energy medicine practitioner to find out and deal with.

Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists work the lower two levels (the mental/emotional and physical/literal). While the upper two levels may positively effect the lower two levels as healing filters down through the layers, working from the lower two levels up (western medicine approach), doesn’t really have great or lasting results. You have to take medication daily because it wears off. However, even if you are more comfortable with the western medicine route because you’ve made more progress with it than without it, know that energy medicine or shamanism might be a nice complement to your healing regime. If you that isn’t your thing, that’s ok too. I respect you path and decisions.

As a survivor of abuse, trauma, neglect, stress and life-threatening illnesses, my life has been saved and completely transformed by this type of work. As a practitioner, I’ve been blessed and privileged to see tremendous breakthroughs, healing and transformation in my clients. Some healings happen in one session. Others require two or more. Every person is unique, as is their level of awareness, readiness, commitment, and willingness to do their part. Change can often be scary and asking someone to change their diet or lifestyle in any way may require some time. Still, for those that are ready and/or willing to be a recipient and participant of their healing, I’ve experienced and witnessed both micro and massive miracles. I love this work and I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the journey of everyone who walks through my door.

There is one last thing I’d like to share on the physical level of healing mental and emotional imbalance. A healthy diet and vital nutrients are often overlooked by western medicine. Rarely have I had a doctor check some very key nutrients that drastically affect our moods and overall health if low. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Many of my western medicine doctors even admitted that their training doesn’t include much about nutrition and how it affects the mood and the body. I will share more information about this list of supplements and how these deficiencies affect mood and physical health in another post. For now, just know that a bad diet or lack vital nutrients can have a disastrous affect on the mind, mood and body. By switching to a proper diet, your entire life could change for the better, like mine did when it turned off seizures and a terminal disease.

Lack of any one of these can lead to symptoms like racing or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, depressed mood, mood swings, fatigue, agitation and a whole slew of cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, muscular, autoimmune, hormonal, metabolic, hematological, gastrointestinal and mental/emotional disorders. We don’t give food and micronutrients enough credit in the western medicine model. In fact, most doctors are not trained to consider food as a toxin or medicine. That’s considered a “naturopathic” or “alternative health” model. Those feeling of hopeless, helplessness, anxiety and depression could be our body’s way of saying it’s not getting what it needs and it’s literally starving nutritionally even if you have too many calories.

Let’s not forget that those hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, GMO’s etc are not only affecting our cellular functioning they give us just as many side effects as our prescribed pharmaceuticals but we have become so used to them we have almost, if not certainly, become addicted to them. People, including myself, can even experience withdrawal symptoms from trying to quit sugars and other “food grade” chemicals. These additives have also been known to displace, block or deplete our vital nutrients and our body’s ability to synthesize them for organ function. This doesn’t even start to talk about environmental toxins. Food is a vital resource and let me just say that just because someone figured out how to make it look and taste good doesn’t mean we should eat it. Not all “food,” is actually food. It’s a byproduct of a company trying to make money off our consumer driven habits. Don’t be lazy about what you put in your body. It could heal you or slowly kill you, one imbalance at a time.

I hope this information was useful and insightful for you. Just know that if you, or someone you know, is suffering from mental, emotional and/or physical imbalances, there are many alternative and supplemental options available to you if you are not satisfied with the usual mode of healthcare. May you find your right path, modality and practitioner that will assist you in bringing forth your highest healing good and most fulfilling reality . . . no matter what is going on in the world. Because, even though tremendous healing occurs every day, Life presents us with challenges and adversity in many ways. No method with change that, but thpeace, gratitude, joy, and wellbeing.
ere are many options (each unique to each individual) that will assist you in navigating these challenges and to connect your inner truth,


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