Golden Eagle Spirit Guide

Golden Eagle 

Great Spirit of courage and illumination 
Creature of divine vision 
Showing me how to connect with my intuition 
To embrace the winds of change 
Teaching me to see new opportunities 
To fly higher 
With the creative force of the Universe 
Through the clouds of self doubt 
Taking me far beyond what I can see 
Helping me soar above the mundane 
Above my limitations 
Into a world of 
Self discovery 
Spiritual truths 
Limitless Imagination 
Fearless determination 
And ultimate freedom. 

Spirit Of The Golden Eagle prose by Carol Cavalaris


“During the Middle Ages, alchemy was not only a philosophy and a science but also a religion. Those who rebelled against the religious limitations of their day concealed their philosophic teachings under the allegory of gold-making. In this way they preserved their personal liberty and were ridiculed rather than persecuted.”

~ Manly p, Hall. 1901-1990.

Image by – Daniel C, Chiriac.