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i want to be back. everyday evermore i can feel the excruciating, as i refuse to. yet wait, it’s still me, i am little. again still. wait. had they to crush, twist a knife each and every time every one.  why did i sign. wait. am i here yet? was i ever there still? no love, pal. couldn’t feel me see me, oh god, my guts hanging out. yes, wait… i can’t catch my breath. how very beautiful and not for me. no. no. but i am a good girl. still. wait, i can’t find a home. oh my baby girl self. 

Cage – by Marilee

As the light returns following Solstice, my response to a Facebook post today: “And the dirt in these wounds is becoming ever more pronounced. All of the false “come on love and light” stuff over the last few years is about to see the dirt that authentic light can reveal. The light cannot cancel out the dark. It was never meant to. And all of the false light cover up was only an illusion meant to lull people into ignoring the dark aspects allowing it to pile up on them. This also allowed the false dark energies to totally spin out of control as well. We are heading for the crescendo and those who chose to stand behind to curve will be caught off guard (if they haven’t been already). Many who thought they were “waking up” will soon experience the true wake up call. This is not Debbie Downer, doom and gloom shit. It is the natural cycle of cleansing. It needs to be honored. Not ignored.”


The god/devil program runs deep. Time to step out of your fear and filter out the programming that has been laid out for lifetimes. Find your core wisdom without the planted schemes of others. Take a bit of time to contemplate the control agenda behind the false scapegoat blanket put on the so called “saviors” and “devils” of the stories so carefully woven into your psyche. The false light of “masters” and the false dark of “demons” take the well-known titles of “Christianity,” “Luciferianism,” and “Satanism” well (along with many, many other titles and concepts). These are only a few of the better-known examples. No religion or New [C}age philosophy is immune to the infection. They are all examples of the morphing of sound, core wisdom into dogmatic traps. Classic parasitic infestation. Any time you are led to believe the “savior” or the “devil” is outside of you the program has you by the balls. Regardless of how warm and fuzzy or cold and stark the message. If you are playing by the false rules you are being played and ripe for harvest.


Step out of the absolutes, the extremes. Stop the onslaught of fear that enters your being. Allow your fear to be your alarm system and not your self-destruct button. Allow your anger to be your motivator and not your self-consuming nemesis. Allow it all to flow instead of setting up blockages. Challenge the program within you. Own and honor your emotions instead of the programs owning them for you. Using them against you.


The age old War of Light and Dark (in ANY of the versions throughout time and across cultures) will be our downfall if allowed to perpetuate. Pitting one against the other will only lead to utter destruction, as one cannot exist without the other. They are simply variations of the same thing – the same continuum. It is the parasite we have allowed to infest. The parasite is Wetigo and Demiurge and AI. And they are present in both poles of the continuum. Step out of either/or binary thinking and see that ALL is and/both. Remember how to set your boundaries to this parasite and to strengthen your Spiritual immune system to resist its influence. Accept that you are BOTH Light AND Dark in all of its authentic power. Reconcile the paradox.


And then, my friend, you can tackle the consumer program and the political program and the monetary slave program and the religious programs and the educational indoctrination programs and the intergalactic programs and the Law of One program and the hyperdimensional programs and the collective psychosis of society and …..


Magik is not black or white, It is both. The parasite, simply being the best little parasite it can be, has managed to convince you of your helplessness to “their” monopoly of the Ancient ways. Your remembrance is there. Deep within you. You only need to shed the false blanket “they” have told you to believe. Resist the Love & Light lull and the Hate & Dark fear mongering. It’s simple. But simple never meant easy.


Hence, your authentic Primal Pathworking. ❤


Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage


Marilee NiEtain
Steward, Primal Pathworker, & Author
Soul Tribe Sanctuary